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Lets get Positive !!!! Up and at it again !!!

Ah What Next ?

Boy a another setback, very upsetting and disappointing I must admit, and
out of the wood work appears all the "Knockers".

Boy in our own lives my XYL and I have has several setbacks including our
family business collapse and the many personal loses it generated for us.We
just got back up and at it again after each setback whilst not living the
affluent life we once did we did get back up again and own everything we
have and am fully employed enjoying life very much. We were and still am
positive about things had we been negative goodness knows where we would be

Amsat with it's members support will eventually get another go of this I am
sure, if this fails there will always be another and AMSAT will get there.

Let's get rid of all those Negative thoughts and suggestions. Lets Get
POSITIVE after all what are a few setbacks when we consider what the
eventual outcome will be.

Lets get POSITIVE!!!!!

Good on you AMSAT and each and everyone involved in AMSAT and particularly
phase 3D thanks for your efforts, hang in there it will happen for you rest

Take care of our Environment so that what we have today others after us can
enjoy also.

Tread Softly

Rgds Brian VK4BBS