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Pacific Rim RS12 ops?

Aloha -

in light of a possible trip this July/August, I would like to know If there
Are, and how many, RS12 operators in the Pacific basin/Rim area.

I will probably be able to work mode K.

West Coast North America, Alaska, Japan, Sakhalin, Taiwan, Hong Kong and
the like are potentially available (unless the sun Really helps out!).

So, please send me e-mail if you are active, semi-active, or could be active :-)

(sorry, this trip I won't be carrying the Mode B/J equipment - too short,
too much other work to be done - a working holiday with a little time out
to play on the radio)

73 and aloha - ted - nh6yk - nh4/nh6yk

                       ted Brattstrom and Lisa King
  ted@hawaii.edu   nh6yk@amsat.org   nh6yk & nh6yu
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