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R: MIR transmits UNUSEFUL data !

>To me, It's still a great deal of fun to even copy a LEO station like Mir
>or any other satellite. What do you expect ? There is not enough time to
>send any usefull data. A quick Hi and Bye is good enough for most people
>considering what we have to work with. Wait for Phase 3D. There will be
>plenty of time to send usefull data on that bird. What is usefull data
>anyway ? This is only a hobby after all.


primary goal of the r0mir-1 pms is to allow the crew send/receive messages
with the ground stations.
Following this concept USEFUL data is the data sent uploading/downloading
the messages.
We could also consider useful the digipeater data (since it has been left
on). But all the rest is UNUSEFUL.

Now, if you have checked my monitor window you will see that 87 packets on
100 have been sent just because of improper use of the system.

If you want to contact the MIR/ISS crew you cannot use P3D. You must use the
pms and if there are 140 BUSY flags on 160 packet it will not be easy. Trust


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