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Mobile Satcoms via PACSATS

If you have 1200 Baud Pacsat experience and might be interested in
experiments with mobile uplinks, you might want to join the ao16aprs
Special Interest group on the tapr.org listserver.  Here is one of the
recent postings that might be of interest...

> > Isn't it a shame that the TNC [in a mobile] doens't know the schedule
> > (or could process a set of kep's) to know when AOS was to begin
> > transmitting ...[its GPS posit and status].
> Well, they could!  With Jim's help, it becomes trivial to predict passes
> of the PACSATs with simple addition, something that can be added to the
> Mic-Encoder and any TNC's that the MFRs may wish so do.  But its not worth
> doing that until we show how easy mobile amateur satellite operations is.
> All you do is keep adding the Satellite Period to a start time and also
> add the LONGITUDE-PER-ORBIT to your longitude.  Every time the resulting
> time increment matches the longitude sum Plus or minus 30  degrees, you
> have a pass!
> Therefore all you need to predict passes is your LAT/LONG and a START TIME
> and the LONGITUDE at that instant (more or less).  We could have a web
> page or a program that you run on your PC to generate these numbers and
> you enter them into your Mic-E or mobile TNC once every month or so...
> Also, I think we should be distributing KEPS in single line format via the
> Satellites.  Just using one of the 5 BEACON text buffers on MIR, would
> allow them to send the MIR keps in a single BEACON once every 5 minutes
> and this would update EVERYONE in the world who is just monitroing MIR
> with fresh keps.  The current method where EACH person has to fight to log
> onto MIR just to READ a multiline message just to get the keps is a
> waste of precious bandwidth.   There is a NASA standard for ONE-LINE
> If we Beaconed these one line KEPS in occassional UI frames, then software
> programs could automatically grab them and always be CURRENT!
> de WB4APR, Bob

If you want to join the AO16APRS list server, send a message to tapr.org
and include the following line: subscribe ao16aprs Your_name