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P3D seen bye elmer

Hello ! all of you. Here is an elmer speaking.
Who am I to speak like that. First time I shouted F8ZS call on the air (in
fact cw) was in 1951, and I was 18 y old.
First contact with amsat was in 1980 (may) when I gave flight authorisation
to Ariane L02 and placed in a few seconds Phase 3 A in geostationnary
position, under Atlantic Ocean. I helped Karl to get a place for P3B on
Ariane L6 and gave flight authorisation !
I helped again Karl to obtain a place on a qualification vehicle for P3C.
During the same period i try to concretise the idea of Arsene. At the time
of Ariane mark 4 it was only a lot of students and some tons of papers. We
had to qualify for flight a lot of equipments for futur space activities,
and we try to make a Ham payload. We have been delayed for launch about ten
times ! It has been put into orbit in 1993, all the space manoevers has
been success but the ham payload has worked only for 4 months. I think the
short life duration of the payload is partly due to the fact that we try
too often to use the new time left by a new delay to make improvements on
the payload.
So my first recommandation is: do not modif when you are sure it works !!!
Now some comments about P3D: The story"P3D and A 503" was writen in the
explosion of 501. Software problem     OK but it was sure that every
responsible in every domain would panic a little and increase the spec. It
was sure there will be a huge problem of money for 503 because "the Member
States" had signed for a qualification with two vehicles and not three !! 
So my second recommandation: do not flame Karl and Amsat. They tried to
place P3D in an opportunity which cannot be predicted, and they did the
Do not flame ESA, CNES , ARIANESPACE because they need to be ready as soon
as you my dear collegues from US,Russia,Japan and China.
So my third recommandation: to have contacts whith all gov and companies
which have the capability to launch.
And the last reco may be to implicate in our money problem the electonics
companies which are delighted to sell to us so marvellous ground stations.
Best 73's to all of you, and sorry for the poor english
Jean-Edmond F8ZS (retired from space activities)