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RE: access limitations???

I'm not saying that only AMSAT members should be allowed to
subscribe to this group.  What I am saying is that only people
who are subscribed should be allowed to post to it.  If you
want the privilege of posting then subscribe.  That's all.
It won't "spam proof" the list but it will make it very difficult.
It would make it nearly impossible for fake e-mail address to post
because all subscribers will be confirmed by the list server before
actually being subscribed.

Kevin, WB5RUE <><
wb5rue@stic.net, wb5rue@amsat.org

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> Subject: access limitations???
> Hi All,
> I just wanted to comment on the string about limiting access of this
> listserv to AMSAT members....
> I monitored and participated in this group for over a year
> before I became
> a paying AMSAT member.
> If it weren't for THIS group I would NEVER have become a
> member OR involved
> in amateur satellites.  The unlimited access to this group
> and the people
> who participate in it are solely responsible for attracting
> at least one
> new member...ME!!  THANKS!!!
> nuff said
> 73
> Chris