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Re: AMSAT is being torn apart

Bruce, in line with your proposal, why not call on
Bill Gates (after all, he is now heavy duty into LEO's,
ergo, the "Space Business") and see if he could
possibly contribute to the P3D fund, as long as he
doesn't buy AMSAT.

In return, AMSAT would "allow" him to integrate
IE 5.xxx into our software, have exclusive cross licensing
with AMSAT, have the MS logo "fly" on the bird, watch him
build a space monopoly and testify before Congress, that
Gates is really a nice guy who wants nothing but to innovate.

Should the CIA, FTC, NASA, DOJ, FCC, NSA, DoD, CNN,
EU, ABC, CBS, NBC at al, object, then we'll tell them:
".....well, that's Space Business".  -:)

Please send all flames to: <bgates@billionairenerd.org>;
he can stand the flames of our exhaust - after all, "money
talks and bull s... walks"  -:)

73 de @ndy - WB2GZM/VK3JJH

Bruce Paige wrote:

i have read some of the messages posted about p3d. it is indeed too
bad it is not launching this year. however, i think that the easiest
way to insure that it will launch in the future is to increase
amsat's budget.

i propose that each member be sent a bill for $1,000 per month. if
they intend on using any  the old  satellite, they will be assessed a
$50 per month usage fee. If you want to use P3D, there will be a fee
of $25 per mode per month.........etc.,etc.