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Re: P3D Rocket


I don't think the Russians have a very good record 
with  amateur satellites, lately

There may be some good in this wait  for the launch of P3D

We just don't know yet..!!!!!!!!!

jim wb5aaa

At 09:02 AM 6/19/98 +0000, you wrote:
>First off, Im not an expert at anything with satellites, nor am I an 
>accountant, lawyer, engineer, even rocket scientist...
>I have been watching the reflector for the last week about P3D not 
>making the bus ticket on 503, and was wondering something...
>If the Russian Space Agency is so strapped for cash, and they do 
>indeed launch amateur satellites (albeit stapled to the sides of 
>other satellites), why doesnt AMSAT talk to the Russians about 
>putting P3D on board one of their rockets?
>I'm sure the "easier said than done" frame comes in right about here, 
>but just how is it easier said than done?