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Re: AMSAT is being torn apart

i have read some of the messages posted about p3d. it is indeed too 
bad it is not launching this year. however, i think that the easiest 
way to insure that it will launch in the future is to increase 
amsat's budget.

i propose that each member be sent a bill for $1,000 per month. if 
they intend on using any  the old  satellite, they will be assessed a 
$50 per month usage fee. If you want to use P3D, there will be a fee 
of $25 per mode per month.

assuming 3,000 members of amsat, that would be $3,000,000 per month 
per member or ($36,000,000 per year). the satellite usage would yeild 
possibly another $100 per month times 1,000 members (not all members 
are active on the satellites) for an additional $1,200,000 per year. 
the balance will come from donations and matching funds such as ARRL 

in a little more than a year, i think we should have sufficient money 
in amsat's budget to allow us to be a full paying customer and not 
have to worry about being bumped from an almost free ride. after all, 
i think that if we showed up at the door step with $40,000,000 
instead of our meager $1,000,000 we would be on the air with a new 

being realistic, sit back enjoy the hot summer and when it gets
launched, we will have some fun. if amsat gets some contracts to use
their clean room and build other satellites, maybe part of the
contract would be that we piggy back with that satellite in the
launch vehicle. a two for one launch where we are the beneficiary.

after all, we can build them cheaper and probably better than 
commercial concerns. we just have trouble getting them in the air (or 

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