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Navy Space Radar on 216.98 MHz

On Thu, 18 Jun 1998, A.Bombardiere wrote:

> How often is this fan beam turned on?? 
> I wonder if I would be able to hear the ping off the moon

*** Absolutely. Its always on!  Just predict when the moon crosses a GREAT
CIRCLE line of azimuth of 91.5 degrees from Kikapoo Texas or the other
side 271.5 I think the moon generates a ping about 20 seconds long,
whereas MIR is a short bleep.  Use an SSB reveiver to hear the chirp of
the doppler. The radar itself is just pure carrier on 216.98 MHz.

If you have a recent copy of APRSdos the line of the fence is plotted on
the map when you do an F1-HELP-MAPS...