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Re: AMSAT is being torn apart

Hi Tom,
It is rare for me to enter into discussions on the net, but on this
occaision I feel i must disagree with you.
My reading of the many comments received Re P3D is that we are mostly
supportive of AMSAT and the World wide contributions of the many AMSATs
in addition to AMSAT-NA....... lets continue to be supportive and find
the best way to get P3D launched.

As I said in my previous message my Cheque has already been written and
sent. Anybody else following ?
73 de Robin VE3FRH

Boza, Tom wrote:

> With the failure again to launch P3D, after reading postings
> on AMSAT-BB, it clearly appears AMSAT is being torn apart and
> is in jeopardy as an organization with its membership.
> NE7X...