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Re: Hateful few

Roger, you have made several very good points. Like yourself I too am on
several list's, and the Amsat list seems to have more than it's share of
fools. At the same time it also has some very fine people. If you and I
were to let the below listed, simple minds run us off then the end of Amsat
could not be far. 


Perhaps you should unsubscribe now, this reflector is paid for by AMSAT.

Paul, VP9MU"


"Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Hans K0HB"

You just have to understand that these types of guys are out there. They
hide in front of a keyboard and try to upset things. We just have to have a
think skin and let it go. One thing that works very well, is to setup
filters, that filter out these fools, that way you don't even see the mail
they send. I just keep adding these guys to me Reject.sys file. If they had
a clue how much damage they do to Amsat, when they act up. I wonder if Paul
has any clue how many Non-Amsat members are on this list, and how much
money these non-members has contributed to the Phase III D fund. All you
non members speak up, let see how many of us are here???

Hang in there Roger, the really is intelligent life here. 


At 02:35 PM 6/18/98 GMT, you wrote:
>Gents and gals,
>I am a very recent subscriber of this list, as I am an old subscriber of the 
>QRP-L, the G-QRP-L and other radio related lists and, of course, of some 
>other lists related to my profession.
>I am a member of quite a lot of international radio organizations, but not 
>AMSAT so far. I have joined this list thinking that it was an open one...
>However, reading things like...
>>Perhaps you should unsubscribe now, this reflector is paid for by AMSAT.
>>if you've let your membership lapse, then you should
>>clear off the reflector, and leave it free for the rest of us who don't
>>jump ship at the first sign of bad weather
>make me feel that newcomers like me are not welcome, and that this is a 
>reflector were the subscribers opinion is something to keep to themselves. I 
>have never seen this in the other lists that I subscribe, and I would never 
>feel comfortable here. This has been my first and last contribution for the 
>list, and I will unsubcribe. 
>However, gents and gals, please note that this does not seem to be the very 
>best way of gathering membership.
>No bad feellings, I really wish AMSAT and this list a lot of prosperity and 
>73, GL es DX, de Roger, CT1ETT
>Prof. Rogerio A. F. Gonzaga, MD, PhD
>Surgical Professor at the Faculdade de Medicina do Porto - Portugal
>Ex-Honorary Surgical Registrar at the Hammersmith Hospital - London, UK
>Member of the Portuguese College of Surgeons
>Radio Amateur CT1ETT                                    QTH Loc IN51re      
>G-QRP Club # 8673	    ISWL # CT-20574		QRP-L # 516
>NorCal QRP Club # 2130      ARS # 268                   REP # 840
>                            FISTS # 2878
>Email: gonzaga@med.up.pt         OR                  rafg@esoterica.pt

       J. Dave Mayfield KB9BNR