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Re[2]: P3D set back questions?

        Apparently you both missed this posting last week.   
    Peter Guelzow wrote:
    > I have just posted an article on the AMSAT-DL Website about our
    > new YAHU-Experiment. YAHU (synonym for IHU-2) is a new IHU design 
    > which will fly on the AMSAT P3D Satellite.
    >The URL for the english version is  
        There are other examples where the flight hardware has been 
    upgraded from the initial design.  If my memory serves me correctly 
    the 10m transmitter was removed and a microwave transmitter(10GHz?) 
    was subsequently added some time ago.  The addition of the YAHU is 
    another example that the AMSAT P3D team is not sitting on their 
    hands awaiting a launch opportunity.  Upgrades and improvements are 
    being made as we encounter these delays.  
        Check out the YAHU web page it's a very interesting story 
    regarding the upgrade of the IHU to modern computing capabilities 
    and developing systems with the future in mind.  73
    Duane Naugle

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Subject: Re: P3D set back questions?
Author:  Richard Parry <rparry@qualcomm.com> at SMTPGate-Mitchell
Date:    6/17/98 5:40 PM

You raise a good point, but I can't agree.  It is true that your PC may be 
ancient after 6 months, but that is not true to a satellite.  IMHO, it 
would be a BIG mistake to touch anything over the next year.  I would use 
the time to do  additional testing rather than change anything.  That 
includes hardware and every line of code.
thanks for listening,
At 11:29 AM 6/17/98 -0700, Boza, Tom wrote:
>Now that P3D has been set back, possible for one year or more,
>how does this affect the current technology of the satellite itself? 
>As time marches on, the current hardware/software of the satellite 
>will become obsolete. Is the current satellite going to be mothballed 
>until a launch become available or will newer hardware/software
>be continued to be developed, upgraded and added to the frame? 
>I would hate to see an obsolete satellite launched when a ride becomes