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Re: Hateful few

Helena & Rogerio Gonzaga <mhc@esoterica.pt> wrote:
> I am a member of quite a lot of international radio organizations, but not 
> AMSAT so far. I have joined this list thinking that it was an open one...
> However, reading things like...
> >Perhaps you should unsubscribe now, this reflector is paid for by AMSAT.
> >if you've let your membership lapse, then you should
> >clear off the reflector, and leave it free for the rest of us who don't
> >jump ship at the first sign of bad weather
> make me feel that newcomers like me are not welcome, and that this is a 
> reflector were the subscribers opinion is something to keep to themselves. I 
> have never seen this in the other lists that I subscribe, and I would never 
> feel comfortable here. This has been my first and last contribution for the 
> list, and I will unsubcribe. 
> However, gents and gals, please note that this does not seem to be the very 
> best way of gathering membership.

Hello Roger,

Hopefully things will not degenerate here as you point out. 

However, we got some bad news from ESA about a launch that many have worked hard for and many more have
donated money for. The news is disappointing but it is hardly the "end of AMSAT".

Those too thin-skinned to take that pressure probably shouldn't invest their time or money in operating
amateur satellites. Sometimes launches fail, sometimes hardware fails, sometimes launches don't happen when
we want...

But there are those who when they see these problems want to pontificate on this list that "things are
bad", "I knew I should have sold all my Sat gear", which in turn just melts down into shouting matches and
even more worthless drivel ... after which there are all those "unsubscribe" requests sent to the list. 
(Perhaps instead of a code requirement to get a ham license folks should have to pass Email 101?) :-)

While those feelings may be real for those individuals they DO ABSOLUTELY nothing to improve the situation
and for most of us on this list they are simply unsolicited drivel with no value to the members of this
list, many of whom pay for their access by the byte ....

My understanding of this list is that it is a place to stay informed about AMSAT news and happenings, a
place to ask or answer questions in a spirit of camaraderie. A place where friends can exchange ideas and
suggestions.... a place to learn about a very technical slice of the ham radio hobby... with some
determination perhaps this list won't end up looking like rec.radio.amateur.misc

Vy 73 de n9avg,
jeffrey davis