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Phase3D thoughts

well as many others are giving their thoughts I will give mine:

I have not been active on any amateur band for about the last year as
events in my life have caused all hobbies to cease, but even though I
have been sending checks into amsat to support this satellite, as of
this date I have never operated through a satellite of any kind (
knowingly ;^) ) though I have been a member of amsat for a number of
years now ( seven I seem to think ) .
I have always felt it a great opportunity to support a group of fellow
amateurs who are doing something that I can't imagine ever being able to
do ( mostly because of a lack of time) , I have always wished that I
could go down to florida and help somehow but instead all I can do up to
know is to be a member and keep sending you folks support, I will not
give up on amsat because I allow my optimisim to overcome my paranoia
and pesimism.

Please keep up the great work and I think the photos of the bird on the
web site are fantastic !

Douglas Cole