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Re: Views on cooperation

Rees Roberts writes:

>The future of amateur radio includes, to a large degree, the
>technology of satellite communications.  I would think that
>organizations such as the ARRL, the RSGB, as well as
>countless others in countries world wide would begin, after
>over a decade of seeing successes, to show more leadership
>roles in this advancing area of amateur radio.  The operative
>phrase would be "economic team work".


Apparently the ARRL agrees with you. 

I believe ARRL is responsible for over a half-million 
dollars of "economic team work" with AMSAT in conjunction 
with Phase 3D, including a check for $305,000 presented 
to AMSAT as a result of a member donation drive and a 
matching dollar-for-dollar grant from ARRL.  

73, de Hans, K0HB

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