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Re: P3D set back questions?


You raise a good point, but I can't agree.  It is true that your PC may be
ancient after 6 months, but that is not true to a satellite.  IMHO, it
would be a BIG mistake to touch anything over the next year.  I would use
the time to do  additional testing rather than change anything.  That
includes hardware and every line of code.

thanks for listening,

At 11:29 AM 6/17/98 -0700, Boza, Tom wrote:
>Now that P3D has been set back, possible for one year or more,
>how does this affect the current technology of the satellite itself?
>As time marches on, the current hardware/software of the satellite
>will become obsolete. Is the current satellite going to be mothballed
>until a launch become available or will newer hardware/software
>be continued to be developed, upgraded and added to the frame?
>I would hate to see an obsolete satellite launched when a ride becomes
>Another concern I have is all the investment everyone has made with
>today's home ground station hardware/software equipment. As time 
>marches on, this investment will also become obsolete. When P3D finally 
>is launch  (which I'm sure it will some day), will all my current 
>investment be adequate or will I need to acquire a second mortgage 
>on my home in order to purchase all new ground station equipment?
>AMSAT needs to now come up with a plan for if and how the P3D
>satellite will be upgraded so all the users can plan our ground 
>station equipment (and budget) accordingly.  I'm sure this is
>one of the major frustrations many are feeling, besides just
>not enjoying a satellite to utilize for the hobby.
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