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P3D Launch Delay (Silver Linning)

Good afternoon to the next,
   I'm afraid I have to agree with one of the posts. I think that a 
delay beyond the expected extra heavy meteor shower scheduled to
come later this year is probably a break for P3D. 
    Also, even though no one has said anything about it publicly, 
the more positioning around the launch date of 503 "because they're
still looking for a paying customer" and delaying past October could 
also be a move to wait until after the meteor shower before maybe 
getting around to launching out bird could be more of a way to work 
the politics to a place where they can swallow a cheaper launch for 
us an still save face. 
    I'm not going to blast anyone for not getting it launched 
already. I or most of the rest of this reflector have no clue what's 
going on behind the scene and I'm sure politics require that those in 
the know don't tell us everything.
     Next time I have the spare change, I'll be sending my next check 
in too.       
     Looking forward to P3D.     Mike Nason  KA7HBB