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Views on cooperation

To all fellow amateur radio operators:

I am new to the satellite scene but it seems to me that some
pretty big players are distinctly absent from these discussions
about the current issues to launch the Phase 3D amateur satellite.
But while I am new to the satellite area, I have been a ham
for 39 years.

The future of amateur radio includes, to a large degree, the
technology of satellite communications.  I would think that
organizations such as the ARRL, the RSGB, as well as
countless others in countries world wide would begin, after
over a decade of seeing successes, to show more leadership
roles in this advancing area of amateur radio.  The operative
phrase would be "economic team work".

As I see organizations trying to hold on to frequency
allocations from yester year, I am wondering to myself why?
The collective bandwidth available above the "DC" bands far
exceeds what is being cherished if a Phase 3D is made available.
There is no doubt that the DC bands have their place.  But
why have we not seen these organizations place a higher
leadership value on promoting this technology.  And doing so
with dollars or its equivalent.  I am not talking about
the support given by "selling" books on the subject or
providing articles in magazines.  I am talking about these
organizations sharing hard currency.  Collectively enough
for a launch of a Phase 3D, for example. Whatever it takes.

AMSAT has done a fantastic job.  They continue to deserve
our collective support.  But, I think the time has come
for ALL world wide amateur radio organizations to provide
the leadership in the form of economic support to launch
amateur radio satellites.

If petty political issues are the reasons for not
participating, then we are all ultimately going to pay
the price for this lack of leadership.  I feel we are
at a cross road.  If we collectively decide to go forward,
then we all win.  If not, our options are certain
to dwindle.  The forces of frequency allocation will
continue to prey upon our band resources.

The implications are pretty interesting, long term.  So,
what can you do?  If you agree with me, why not share this
with your ham radio organization representative
(ARRL,RSGB etc) and tell them how you feel.

Tell them that long term cooperative efforts to help
launch satellite technology would establish
a firm hold on these higher frequency allocations.
And this would be a win-win scenario for all.

And if you think Phase 3D is good, just wait until
a few more years go by and better ideas produce
even better satellites.  But first we need Phase 3D
launched.  Let us get our collective resources
together to improve our ability to communicate.

And if I have somehow misplaced these concepts, that
these organizations have supported satellite technology
in a meaningful way to launch a Phase 3D, please accept
my apologies over my near sighted viewpoints.  It is
just that over the last 20 years, I have not seen
anything personally that would indicate this.

If you do not agree with these concepts, please forgive
my viewpoint.  I do it only as very interested ham
who is only looking for positive options which would
benefit the entire amateur radio community.

The bottom line is we need to all come together.  To
make not only a Phase 3D a success but future satellite
advancements as well.

Thank you for taking time to read this no matter what
your own views are.

Rees Roberts - K9UUT
Racine, Wisconsin USA
member of AMSAT and ARRL

cc: The Officers of the American Radio Relay League, Inc.

Rod Stafford, President
Stephen Mendelsohn, First Vice President
Joel Harrison, Vice President
Hugh Turnbull, Vice President
Larry Price, International Affairs Vice President
David Sumner, Secretary and Executive Vice President
James McCobb Jr., Treasurer
Barry Shelley, Chief Financial Officer

cc: my representatives of the ARRL Central Division
Edmond Metzger, W9PRN - Director
Howard Huntington, K9KM - Vice Director
Roy Pedersen, K9FHI - Section Communication Manager for Wisconsin