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RE: P3D plea

 This is a good idea to financially support AMSAT, however just blindly
 throwing money at AMSAT without a plan is not a good idea.
 I propose AMSAT needs to pull together a strategic long range
 plan on what they are now going to do under the new circumstances, 
 listing milestones with dates, including funding required
 to accomplish each milestone.
 AMSAT then needs to regularly publicly post this information
 on their web site so everyone can clearly see progress and where all
 the funding is needing and going.
 Robin Haighton wrote:
> Hi Laura - I agree with you entirely ! - Although my first reaction 
> of dismay - but I am very pleased by the outpouring of optimism on 
> BBS. If we need anything right now it is just a few extra dollars 
from all
> P3D potential users - World Wide   so that we could buy our own 

I somehow doubt that buying a flight to carry P3D is a realistic goal,

but I'm going to send my check for 100$ today anyway.  To me, it 
is intuitively obvious that the amateur radio community wants
to have satellites, and as long as this collective will exists, 
the satellites are going to fly.  The history of AMSAT proves
that failures just don't exist.  Setbacks happen, but not failures. 
I can't imagine anyone that is actually personally involved
with this project just walking away.  Therefore, I'm confident 
that my money will be well spent.

Jeff Punch