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Praise for the P3D team

To All

I know exactly how the P3D folks feel. I know how disappointed they are that they don't have a launch now. I know how much it annoys when naysayers start talking about all the things you could have done.

I also know what it is like to come through this time. Cheer up Phase IIID team its going to get worse! :) It is going to take much hard work and effort from a team that has already sacrificed much time and effort to make the project happen. These folks have sacrificed thousands of hours in personal time that could have been spent with their families or just walking the Dog.

These folks do this because, yes it is fun to do, but also because they believe in the future of amateur radio and are willing to put their time, effort, and dollars into the project to make it work. We have all lost something in the radio art due to the preponderance of ready made equipment. Every day on this bb we see problems people have with getting commercial equipment to work for satellites and other activites that we want to do. These gentlemen who put their time and effort into this project are working to make things easier for YOU out there who will be the ultimate beneficiaries in your ability to more effectively communicate around the world.

Give the team a break. Quit your armchair generalship. These folks could throw up their hands and say "Well we did all we could do", but they will not. They will continue to work to get P3D on orbit and they will succeed. They can succeed with your help much better than without it but they will succeed.

So if you are looking forward to the future of amateur radio then MAKE a CONTRIBIUTION to it. Send a check today to AMSAT because they probably really need the money. If you have software you haven't paid for then you are stealing from your own future. Send a check for it to AMSAT. Do it today.

Dennis Ray Wingo
Former SEDSAT 1 project manager.

BTW we launch in October!!! Finally after 9 years and three launch vehicles!!!!

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