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P3D set back questions?

Now that P3D has been set back, possible for one year or more,
how does this affect the current technology of the satellite itself?

As time marches on, the current hardware/software of the satellite
will become obsolete. Is the current satellite going to be mothballed
until a launch become available or will newer hardware/software
be continued to be developed, upgraded and added to the frame?

I would hate to see an obsolete satellite launched when a ride becomes

Another concern I have is all the investment everyone has made with
today's home ground station hardware/software equipment. As time 
marches on, this investment will also become obsolete. When P3D finally 
is launch  (which I'm sure it will some day), will all my current 
investment be adequate or will I need to acquire a second mortgage 
on my home in order to purchase all new ground station equipment?

AMSAT needs to now come up with a plan for if and how the P3D
satellite will be upgraded so all the users can plan our ground 
station equipment (and budget) accordingly.  I'm sure this is
one of the major frustrations many are feeling, besides just
not enjoying a satellite to utilize for the hobby.