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Re: Phase III D


You are SO right about those advertising signatures.  I have two sigs, but
I use them selectively.  Normally, I have my mailer set for NO sigs.  That
works best when subscribing via a mailing list robot.  Also, my close
friends that I send e-mail to almost every day get tired of seeing the same
stuff over and over and over.  Mayfield's are actually in poor taste on the
amsat-bb.  He should be running them on rec.radio.swap, not amsat.

73, Hart, W8QX

At 09:24 PM 6/16/98 -0500, you wrote:
>"James D. Mayfield" <kb9bnr@revealed.net> wrote:
>> Thanks to all the nice guys who wrote to me today. It's good to know that I
>> am not alone in my feelings, on this subject.
>> 73 Dave 
>> P.S. If you, like myself are interested in buying and selling nice clean
>> old radios, please see my BA web Page at
>> http://home.revealed.net/qste/sale/index.html
>Gosh Dave, I'd write you a nice letter too if you'd just quit SPAMMING the
>AMSAT reflector to get people to your Web page.
>73 de n9avg,
>jeffrey davis