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RE: P3D News


I agree, it also seems most likely that ESA have once again tightened
the payload specs in the hope that nothing will go wrong with the V503

I guess that putting P3D through a new set of qualification tests, and
perhaps with more upgrading needed to the spaceframe, would mean that
P3D would again miss the launch. So ESA decides to not even risk P3D not
being ready and go with its own mass simulator.

At the end of the day, V503 must fly without any failure, otherwise ESA
has some real big problems. ESA needs the heavy lift capability, and it
can't keep on launching boosters without some commercial payback.
Remember that ESA is a government operation, and governments nowadays
won't keep pouring good money after bad, its political suicide.

So in my heart of hearts I understand why ESA has done this, however it
doesn't change the fact that we have get our great new bird on top of a
booster going to GTO. Let's all start hoping for a secondary payload on
Ariane-4 to pull out at the last minute.

Paul, VP9MU

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> On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Richard W L Limebear wrote:
> > Guys
> > 
> > In the past I have fought tooth and nail for ESA/Arianespace's
> > saying that they were honourable people and, having shafted us over
> > they would give us proper, FAIR, consideration.
> > 
> > I hereby withdraw those statements.
> > 
> > 73
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> I hate to say it, but I am inclined to agree. Maybe we aren't the
> customer Arianespace has, but it might be time that we voted with our
> feet and took our business elsewhere.
>  So, does anyone know if ILS has some spare space on any of their
> Proton launches?
> Later,
> Andy

I know that we all want P3D to get up and operating ASAP, but do we 
really want to place our hopes on  a launcher that has yet to be 
launched successfully? As far as I can tell, the Arianne 5 has 
thus far been something of a dud. The first one blew up and the 
second one failed to reach the proper orbit. Which of us would want 
to get on an airplane knowing that the first flight had crashed, and 
the second had gone so far off course that its passengers didn't know 
where they were when it landed.

>From the ESA press release, it appears that ESA doesn't have too much 
confidence in the "5" either. It looks like the payloads they are 
carrying are "nothing" or essentially dummy payloads, so that when 
503 fails, no harm is done...

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