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Commercial Launch Cost

Hi All,

Well I did receive some answers to my questions, and here they are. I
don't think that we can raise this, ...

Info from Keith Baker:

<<start snip>>

1.  The SBS (P3-D's carrying structure) is compatible with either an
Ariane 4 or and Ariane 5.  We still need to do some analysis as to what
other booster interfaces it might also fit into.

2.  Lowest cost estimate we've found is about $10M for a mass with the
volume of P3-D to GTO orbit.  That estimate cane from ArianeSpace.
Others have said they'd put it in a circular orbit for a lot less, but
that isn't what P3-D is built for and we'd have a LEO satellite for
about a year or so going that route.  The challenge here is that P3-D
was built (structurally, thermally and electrically) to be on a GTO
launch NOT an LEO launch.

<<end snip>>

Well it is time to start some creative thinking!

Paul, VP9MU