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Re: P3D plea

Hi Laura - I agree with you entirely ! - Although my first reaction was
of dismay - but I am very pleased by the outpouring of optimism on this
If we need anything right now it is just a few extra dollars from all
P3D potential users - World Wide   so that we could buy our own flight!
Just think what $100 per potential user world wide would bring in.....
How about it.... everyone send a cheque for $100 US (or more) to their
Local Amsat designated for P3D All clubs send $500 U.S. and all National
Societies send $2000 U.S.   I have Just written my first Cheque.

73 Robin Haighton VE3FRH
V.P.Amsat for Canadian Liasion
ARISS committee member (Canadian)
laura halliday wrote:

> Ouch.
> Let's *not* go off half-cocked on this one. I don't know
> what happened at ESA, I don't care, and I refuse to
> speculate. Unless and until somebody can demonstrate
> malice on ESA's part, I refuse to foreclose ESA as a
> launch option, but am pleased to hear that AMSAT is
> now looking at other launch agencies. I find it hard
> to believe that we've fallen that badly out of favour,
> that quickly, with ESA.
> What really matters is that we've built a very nice
> satellite. Now we need to launch it. This is not
> the first launch delay in the history of space travel.
> Still, I wish I had connections who could help. My
> financial and other contributions will have to do...
> Laura Halliday VE7LDH    "Laisse le vent tout emporter..."
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