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P3D..., A silver lining?

Good evening all,

            Although I have just begun with satellites again, after a 19
gap while I served in the Army, I too am dissappointed.  Perhaps you
will look at my views, and find some merit.  Or comfort.

            #1.  Nobody died.  This is not armed combat, where 2nd place

is final and forever.  This is just a setback.  Everyone is a survivor,
the satellite is still fine!  There have been worse things to happen.
could have been worse things to happen!

            #2.  AMSAT and the ham community still have the same
dedicated people working on this.  You can go nuts worrying about
the things you cannot control.  Better to control what you can, and
accept what you cannot control.

            #3.  I have heard about a huge meteor event coming this
Oct. I think. I have also heard that there was some danger involved
for orbiting space vehicles.  Something about charged particles
internal components.  I do not have enough knowledge to say WHAT
this would do/not do to P3D.  I do believe that this delay may put P3D
up after this event, and that may be the silver lining.

            4.  Don't give up hope until the big guys give up hope.  We
little folk never see the big picture, just our little battles.  Anyone
Monday morning quarterback.  Only the guy on the field Sunday
afternoon knows the real play.  Keep the faith, and support (without
criticism) those who are in a position to do what they can.  I believe
they are doing all they can, and putting pressure on them just makes it

            5.  Teamwork is the fuel that lets common people attain
uncommon results.  Don't give up on the team.

            I too am dissappointed.  Our day will come.  Hang in there.
I've spouted enough for one night.  Hope this makes some of you feel
a little better.  My thanks and confidence are with AMSAT

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
The farthest West "dissappointed" ham in West Texas.