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A503 oh well, next time

Hi Guys,

Well we didn't get the flight, but well that's the free(?) ride

We still have a great bird for when the launch window appears. The only
conclusion that I can make (being lost somewhere in the North Atlantic),
... is that ESA/CNES/Arianespace could not take any risk at all in
finally testing the A5 booster. 

I am let down as are many on this BBS in that ESA have delayed the
flight to make a mass simulator, when we have a fully functioning mass
simulator waiting in Orlando. I hope that the guys in Europe can get us
a ride on A4 soon. 

As Peter said earlier, AMSAT has had set-backs in the past, now I ask
some simple questions, I'd like some simple answers:

1). What vehicles CAN lauch P3D?

2). If we had to pay for a launch (ANYWHERE), what is the cost?

3). If we go for a paid launch, how many other passengers can we get,
e.g. AMSAT-UK's Mode A bird? The meaning being how many amateur birds
can we cram into the launch and hence spread the cost.

This is just the beginning not the end, I look forward to the bar talk
at Surrey.

Paul, VP9MU