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Re: TimeWave

I spoke with Randy Gawtry, the president of Timewave on Saturday,
June 6. During that conversation I once again urged him to make
the firmware of the DSP-2232 available so that someone might be
able to revise the code and improve the existing units.

Randy explained to me why they have not done so. It seems that
all of the firmware used in the DSP-2232 and DSP-1232 is
co-mingled with the firmware used in the entire AEA TNC product
line. The code has runtime Macros that are selected via
parameters to get the proper code for a particular product. Those
among us who once upon a time (or maybe still) wrote assembly
language code probably remember how this is done and even why it
was done.

Gawtry said that the issue is not releasing the DSP-2232 code
necessarily, but the fact that it would be necessary to go
through the entire package and tease out the specific lines that
apply to the DSP-2232 and separate them from the balance. If they
do not do that, then they will be releasing the code for the
balance of their product line. That might make it possible for
someone to use that code and create a "dirt cheap" TNC that would
compete with their products which are burdened by the usual
engineering, manufacturing, marketing and support costs. He
pointed out that this had happened in Europe and in essence had
driven certain TNC's out of the market.

I was not aware of the Chapter 11 filing at the time we talked. I
did ask him if he would consider releasing the existing code to a
third party who would then remove only the DSP-2232 code and
protect the balance of the code. Randy said that he would like to
think about that a bit. He did point out that they had no
financial resources to pursue separation of the code or
enhancement of the existing product and code. He said that they
were examining how they might move elements of the code for the
successor product backward into the DSP-2232, but that would
depend on business success of the new product.

I will continue my discussion with Randy if there is anyone out
there who believes that they really want to pour over code
(separated or not) and create improvements or additions. I am
skeptical that there are still persons on this reflector who are
willing to expend that time. If there are, please contact me and
let's see what can be done. If no one responds, I suspect that
there will not be much need for continuing the reflector.

Tod Olson, K0TO