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Semi Free Dishes

    I have two 3 meter dishes made by Scientific Atlanta in very good
condition, (no dings or dents, though they could use some paint) that
are available to anyone in the Pacific Northwest on a first come, load
and haul yourself basis.  The dishes are complete without a waveguide or
mounting pole and have manual AZ/EL movement.  It would be nice to get
$20 a dish to help recover the transportation cost to present location.
The dishes are broken down into 4 sections and will fit into a small
pickup truck.  These "must" be removed by July 1, 1998 or they'll be
scrapped, as they are not on my property.
    Cliff Bates  KC7PPM
    Wenatchee, Washington  509-884-2220    or cliff@crcwnet.com