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Re: Mic Info

Just another comment, not to do with the mics, but the
headset.  For the birds, I use one of those Radio Shack
900MHz wireless headsets.  I can walk around the shack,
and even go outside if I want, and the audio is quite good.
Just plug the 900MHz into the headphone jack, and you're
in business.   I guess you could also use the cheaper
IR types, but I haven't tried them.  I bought the headset when
RS put them on sale.....they do that from time to time.

Works great for me.

73 de Bill, N4DH

At 06:51 PM 6/15/98 -0700, Paul Williamson wrote:
>At 11:37 AM 6/15/98 -0400, James Snider wrote:
>>Just a quick question for the group.  What is your preference, Heil Boom
>>Mic/Headset or desk mike?  I'm trying to make up my mind if I want to
>>get the Heil set or an Icom SM-6 (or SM-8 or SM-20) for my IC-820.
>Boomset, definitely.  You have to wear headphones anyway (so you can
>listen to your downlink), so you might as well free yourself from hunching
>over the desk mike.
>My advice, get the "full range" version of the Heil, not the DXers version.
>You don't need the extra "punch" on satellites and the extra bass response
>makes you easier to tune in with Doppler shift.  IMHO.
>73  -Paul
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