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Re: Mic Info

i have used a heil pro set since 1993 and i love it. i have the dx 
cluster in it. i have to crank the mic gain all the way up for it to 
be effective. however, heil has just come out with a little amplifer 
in-line (i have one on order).  

i have two icom pigtails and i use the headset on both my icom 756 
and 821h. i used to use it on my icom 737 and 970h so it has served 
all the rigs just fine. the two pigtails allows me to quickly move 
from one rig to another without having to unscrew our yank on the din 

i can bust hf pile ups with the help of the dx mic element and using 
the foot switch for ptt allows my fingers to do the walking on the 
keyboard or to tweak the antennas.


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