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Re: Mic Info

I use the Icom SM-8 on my IC-781, and on my IC-820H.  The best report
I can give you is that on FM (IC-820, 2mor70cm.) my best friend who has
known me/my voice for years says it just sounds like me, nothing added or
subtracted.  I have no experience with Heil, but I have heard they are good
on Icom gear if you want to go theu the expense/trouble of converting.
Your mileage may vary.  Good luck.

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
The farthest West ham in West Texas.

James Snider wrote:

> get the Heil set or an Icom SM-6 (or SM-8 or SM-20) for my IC-820.
> Jim N8RNP