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Re: Instant Track

The latest and only version of InstantTrack is v1.00.  With the patches available for free download from the AMSAT web
site, http://www.amsat.org , v1.00b is the most up to date.  It is available for purchase from AMSAT for $30 if you
are an  AMSAT member, $50 for non-members, $200 for commercial users.  The original DOS version works fine under
Windows 3.x, 95, or NT and even in OS/2.  It is far and away my favorite tracking program, despite it's age.
Mark D. Johns, K0MDJ (formerly WA0RGV) Cedar Falls, Iowa     EN32sm
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kb2nqt@juno.com wrote:

> What is the lastest version of Instant Track? And if others want a copy,
> where/how do they get a copy?
> Like people is mentioning the program but not telling how to get a copy.
> Did the author ever make a windows version? Maybe even a Win95?