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Re: dove 17

To the best of my knowledge, and unless something has changed,
DOVE is not operational at this time.  Sorry!!!  Watch the AMSAT
NEWS BULLETIN for further updates.

DO-17 (DOVE)
Downlink 145.825 MHz FM   1200 Baud AFSK
Beacon 2401.220 MHz
Currently non-operational.

The 145.825 MHz and 2401.220 MHz downlinks are off the air. Command
stations are working on the problem.

[ANS thanks Jim White, WD0E, for this update]

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
The farthest West ham in West Texas.

John Becker wrote:

> when is the next dove 17 pass over the Midwest ?
> I would like to see what I can do with the telemetry
> using the KD2BD program.