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Re: Satellite Tracker for FD

On Sat, 13 Jun 1998, Clifford Buttschardt wrote:

> Better yet, there is a version of Instant Track called ITNCP which stands
> for IT (no co-processor).  It runs well on even the most simple PC laptop.

To add to the "Amens," Instant Track is still my favorite for real-time
tracking.  It defines the phrase "oldie but goodie."  

ITNCP is great for another reason.  Many PCs are now so fast that the
standard IT.EXE's "fast forward" on the map screen is too fast to be
useful.  A LEO pass whizzes completely by with one or two presses of the
space bar.  If you run ITNCP.EXE, the overhead for doing the floating-
point math without using the math co-processor slows the fast forward to
the point where you can actually use it to visually "step-time" through an
LEO pass and see where the access circle will go.

(And BTW, Cliff, nice to finally meet you "voice to voice" on AO-10

Peter - KD7MW
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