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Amsat-UK Colloquium 1998

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Amsat-UK Colloquium 1998

Amsat-UK's 13th Annual Colloquium takes place at the University of Surrey
from 31st July to 2nd August 1998. Booking forms are included in the issue 
of Oscar News publishing mid-June; accomodation and price information is 
included with these forms. Others requiring them can obtain them by 
download from the Colloquium web-site (in Word-6 format); or by sending a 
self addressed envelope (UK applicants are expected to pre-pay the postage) 
to the Amsat-UK office at: 

Amsat-UK (Colloquium)
40 Downsview
Small Dole
W Sussex BN5 9YB

Phone +44 (0)1273 495733;    fax +44 (0)1273 492927
e-mail: g6zru@amsat.org

Information etc about the Colloquium will be available on the Amsat-UK's 
World Wide Web pages at http://www.uk.amsat.org/ within a few days.

Applications received later than 15 July will attract a 15% surcharge. 
Likewise, cancellations after that date will forfeit the full amount
(unless we are able to fill the empty slot). Application forms should be
sent to the Amsat-UK Office (above), *NOT* to UoS.

The lecture programme this year has been enlarged, with an extra 90 minute
session on the Friday evening, to accomodate the extensive response to the
call for papers. We are also fortunate to have a presentation by NASA 
astronaut Don Thomas, KC5FVF. 

There will also be the usual extra events including: Command Station visits, 
Annual Dinner and Auction (please bring something to sell), Amsat-UK annual 
meeting, microwave equipment testing, and other fun as well as the "usual" 
Friday evening barbecue in the University grounds, and a space-oriented Pub 
Quiz in the bar.

Last year's change to the booking requirements, to accept unregistered day 
attendees subject to space, will be repeated this year but they will not
receive a free lunch. As usual, facilities will be available for attendees
who wish to arrive at UoS on the evening before the event starts and/or
stay over afterwards on the Sunday night. 

This year there is a related event at UoS during the two days prior to the 
Colloquium: the International Space Station meeting is open to everyone; 
information from G3AAJ. (Pricing is the same as for the Colloquium)

The programme (to date) consists of:

IARU International Forum; UoS Graduate papers; Future SAREX Plans; Balloons;
Satellites in Education; Microwave Basics; Software Radios; Astronaut 
presentation; Phase-3D Subjects; 23cm PA and Front End; Microsat Attitude 
Determination Experiment; Zero-IF Microwave Transceivers; Automatic doppler 
correction for analogue transponders; Russian Retrograde Launches; What's 
Next in Amateur Radio Satellites; International Space Station, presentation 
& forum; Techsat 1B overview/report; Sunsat; Arizona State University 
ASUSat-1 overview; Amsat-UK Annual General Meeting.

Hope to see you there.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
Colloquium Programme organiser and
Communications Officer, Amsat-UK
13 June 1998

       ** Cautiously optimistic - its going to be a MARVELOUS meeting **