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Re: Finding your downlink

Bert:  I have a 736R.  You have to switch modes to use a CW key.  If you
switch both uplink and downlink to CW, and match the returning signal's
tone to the sidetone, then switch back to USB down/LSB up, you will be on
frequency.  I don't use the PTT switch as I use a sequencer. I suspect the
passage Note that you can't switch modes while the transmitter is on, so
do it before you key up.  This also assumes the sidetone is accurately set
to the CW offset tone--mine is.

You can also switch only the transmit signal to CW, leaving the downlink
on USB.  Then you have to zero-beat your signal (ie. no tone).  This is
less accurate than matching one audible tone with another, and you'll have
to fine-tune your voice by ear. 

Another effective way to do it without switching modes is to whistle your
dots into the mic.  Just match the pitch of the received signal with the
pitch of your whistle, and you'll be on freq. 

The reason for using CW dots tuning the uplink is that when you swish over
an ongoing QSO with quick dots, you are less disruptive. The other people
have a prayer of still carrying on their conversation.  If you stay on one
frequency and talk until you find yourself, you may blow the QSO on that
frequency out of the water, er--air, er--space.  :-) 

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On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Bert McClellan wrote:

> Hello,
> I have been using the Yaesu 736 R for 3 years. (Yes I finally  read  the
> manual)  There is a feature I cannot figure out how to make it work.  To
> find my own downlink, I have always set the sat switch to receive and
> tuned the downlink saying  "test 1 2 3 4"  etc. (probley will get some
> flack about using the downlink to tune)  I have often heard others using
> a short string of dots. The manual, in  "To operate through a satellite"
> item 5 page 36 (my manual) says set the SAT switch to receive freq. and
> close the PPT switch (or close your key to send a string of dots) to
> transmit. This does not make sense as when in sideband you can key the
> mike and the radio does not transmit until you speak into the mike. When
> I bought the radio I sent in a few questions to Yaesu . This was one of
> the questions and the only one they did not answer.

> Thanks in advance    Bert    N7TKO    Gold Bar, WA.