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Help - Wisp '95 & KPC-9612 Plus version 8.2

Hi All,

I know the TNC & radio (Yaesu 847) are working OK as I can hook up to
terrestial 9600 baud stations.

Unfortunately on the pacsats, all I'm doing is receiving.  It seems to be a
TNC problem.  It will try to uplink the file I'm trying to send until it times
out.  It then seems to almost lock up the TNC.  If I re-select the satellite
in MSPE, i will start receiving again.  I won't start to TX again unless I
cycle the power on the TNC and then I'm pretty sure I lose some of the
parameters I need.

I tried the maxusers 0/1 as suggested by W0TUP.  It appears that it was
already set like this when using the KPC-9612 configuration in WISP.  I set th
MYDROP to 1/0 but this did not change anything.  I get one flash of the "Sta"
light when MSPE initializes the TNC??

Tnx for any help, 73- Clint