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A Unique Email Advertisement

The following information is not meant to spam or upset anyone, that is why we include
Advertisement in the subject line to give you an option to delete before you open the
message. We are a Reliable Internet Company that does full Internet Marketing. 
Whatever your needs to market your business or product, A.I.M. can help you achieve
your success. Please do not treat this as just another piece of junk mail, we are Aimed to
your success.

A.I.M. was established in 1994 and has helped many people on the
Internet market their business and products successfully.  We do not sell random bulk
email lists, nor do we advertise Adult Sites or Chain Letters.

Right now the largest form of communication is done through the Internet, and 1998 will
be  another record breaking year.  There are over 60 million people that have Internet
access world wide, and that number continues to rise at a rate of over 40,000 per month. 
The best way to market any product or service is through the Internet, and random bulk
mail is not the way to go.  You may ask, why am I sending you this ONE piece of email;
to get my information out so that others can follow the same practices of Internet
advertising.  The Internet community would benefit from direct advertising!

Now you ask what can we offer you.....

No matter what your target is, we can compile a great list for you of people or businesses
that are interested in what you offer. Say, for instance, you would like to send a newsletter
out to people interested in MLM; we can compile a list for you of people currently
involved in MLM.  If you would like a list of people looking for a business opportunity,
we can compile that list for you. You tell us your target; we will compile that list.  We can
even target your list geographically.
example...If your business is selling CDís, and your company is based in NY; we can
gather a list of people in NY interested in CDís.  We have a client that is involved in
MLM, who asked us to target 1000 opportunity seekers to start.  To his surprise he got 7
new people in his downline from just that one mailing.  Another client wanted to send a
letter out to birdwatchers.  We targeted 5000 birdwatchers for him; and he, also, became a
very happy client of ours. We have targeted.. investors, businesses, International
addresses,women, men, age groups, cites, states, doctors, lawyers, etc....

Some of our clients are getting results of 1-40%.  Targeted mailings start at $50 per
thousand, and we can offer you a better price at higher quantities.

Complete Pricing for Targeted Email

1000 targeted email addresses $50 for us to email $50=$100
2000 targeted email addresses $85 for us to email $85=$170
5000 targeted email addresses $250 (no charge for us to email)
10000 targeted email addresses and we mail $500
100000 targeted email addresses and we mail $1,000
1 million  guaranteed targeted email addresses and we mail $5,000
We offer a guarantee that our lists will be targeted to your topic.  We keep a master file on
all of our clients so if you order again you will never get any duplicate addresses from us

We can do the email for you and have all of the replies come directly to your email
address.  If you prefer to do the mailing yourself, we sell email software as well.
Here is a few:
Rapid Fire Mail Server....Turns Your Computer into a mail server $495.00 (free demo)
Stealth Mass Mailer...Sends out email at a rate of 100,000+ per hour $395.00(free demo)
Mail Pusher....The newest in Bulk Email Software (great program) $300.00 (free demo)



We can place your website to the top of any given search engine. Our best results come
from Infoseek.
Guarantee top 10 listing.
$300.00  first month  $300.00 every month there after


(1) Targeted Emails in the amount of 200,000 per week
(2) Posting your website to BBS (Internet Bulletin Board Systems Related to your topics)
(3)  URL links to other sites related to your topics
(3) Newsgroup Postings (1000) per month
(4)  Banner Ads to related subject searches
(5) Website Submissions to the search engines with a guaranteed 1st page placement to
Infoseek and submissions to the other top 8 as well as 400 other search engines

All of the postings, submissions, banner ad and URL advertising will be done with your
reply email address so that you have a copy of every placement and you know where your
ads are on the Internet.

Total price for complete marketing package $2500.00 per month

IF YOU have a business, product, or just want to get your information out; you have no
need to look any further.  A.I.M.  is here to help!!  

Now as you can see we are a full service company, and we can help you with any of your 
advertising needs.

Please call us toll free at 1-800-942-7913 today!

We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions that you may
have.  Once again, we give you our guarantee that this is the only piece of email that you
receive from us. We wish you success now and in the future!

Again our toll free number is 800-942-7913
our fax # 732-367-2229

We accept...Visa/MasterCard/American Express or check by fax

Thank you