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Re: Finding your downlink

Using the series (short series) of dots is the normal or appropriate way of
finding your down link. This is true for various reasons. One reason is
that as long as you keep the sending of dots short, if provides far less
interference in the event you happen to move across another station. Where
as speaking into the microphone is very interruptive on an on going QSO.
Also, since the conditions on a satellite can vary, fade or be at different
signal strengths, it is not aways easy to hear your downlink. Again, possibly
causing interference of which you may not even be aware.

CW pulses are much easier to hear than voice when varing your frequency.
Once you hear the cw 'dots' then you can easily fine tine your 'voice'.
the PTT on your FT736, I am assuming that in the CW mode, the PTT still
works as well. This is why they suggest using it in the event you do not
have a
key. I have done that a few times, but the use of a key is much better. Short
pulse duration are much easier to find and less interruptive.

A good example of the above is when operating AO-10. I have just recently
return to operation on this satellite and found that the above procedure still
works quite well, especially due to the deep fades and varing conditions
of the satellite.

Reid,  WA4UPD

At 07:06 PM 6/10/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I have been using the Yaesu 736 R for 3 years. (Yes I finally  read  the
>manual)  There is a feature I cannot figure out how to make it work.  To
>find my own downlink, I have always set the sat switch to receive and
>tuned the downlink saying  "test 1 2 3 4"  etc. (probley will get some
>flack about using the downlink to tune)  I have often heard others using
>a short string of dots. The manual, in  "To operate through a satellite"
>item 5 page 36 (my manual) says set the SAT switch to receive freq. and
>close the PPT switch (or close your key to send a string of dots) to
>transmit. This does not make sense as when in sideband you can key the
>mike and the radio does not transmit until you speak into the mike. When
>I bought the radio I sent in a few questions to Yaesu . This was one of
>the questions and the only one they did not answer.
>Could some one please tell me what I am not doing right.  I know some
>people do not like to hear the dots, but I would like to be able to do
>it once in a while.
>Thanks in advance    Bert    N7TKO    Gold Bar, WA.