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Finding your downlink


I have been using the Yaesu 736 R for 3 years. (Yes I finally  read  the
manual)  There is a feature I cannot figure out how to make it work.  To
find my own downlink, I have always set the sat switch to receive and
tuned the downlink saying  "test 1 2 3 4"  etc. (probley will get some
flack about using the downlink to tune)  I have often heard others using
a short string of dots. The manual, in  "To operate through a satellite"
item 5 page 36 (my manual) says set the SAT switch to receive freq. and
close the PPT switch (or close your key to send a string of dots) to
transmit. This does not make sense as when in sideband you can key the
mike and the radio does not transmit until you speak into the mike. When
I bought the radio I sent in a few questions to Yaesu . This was one of
the questions and the only one they did not answer.

Could some one please tell me what I am not doing right.  I know some
people do not like to hear the dots, but I would like to be able to do
it once in a while.

Thanks in advance    Bert    N7TKO    Gold Bar, WA.