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Re: FT847 "stby" connector? What are you using?

The connectors on the back of the FT-847 are standard mini DIN's available
at Radio Shack and else where.  I don't personally care for them but the
industry seems to be moving in that direction.  W8KX

>Unpacked FT847 and was horrified to see that they provide *no* connectors
>to mate with the various mini-DIN-style (and as far as I can tell
>proprietary pattern) connectors. I need to get the "stby" signals out to
>an external connector to drive an amp for this weekend's contest. A call
>to the local dealer resulted in "haven't seen those yet".
>I'm beginning to believe that Yaesu really does have rocks between the
>PS My JA friend tells me that recent production FT847 can indeed read
>vfo settings thru the CAT port; I have not tried it but supposedly my
>unit's serial number (8G052xxx) is so-equipped). This is supposed to be
>a later firmware version (remember the VX-1R firmware version fiasco???)
>73 Dave WB0GAZ dgf@netcom.com
>... and poop to yaesu on this connector problem ...
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