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Re: FT-847

At 04:06 PM 6/9/98 -0300, Willmott, Paul wrote:
>(C). To make the read freq. useful, the CAT should be active all the
>time, and NOT lock the radio dial. This is how Kenwood and Icom do it.

Kenwood's radios are a bit underpowered for this.  The front panel gets
sluggish when the computer port is busy, and the computer port gets
sluggish when the user is spinning the main tuning dial.  The ideal
radio would be able to handle both simultaneously with no degradation.

>(E) have a look at Icoms CI-V system, it's great you can control upto 4
>radios on the same COM port. Kenwood should do this too!

It may be too soon to ship, but it isn't too soon to start designing
radios with USB (universal serial bus) interfaces.  It's fast, and
designed to allow many devices on one port.

If you want a radical idea, use an Ethernet interface.  They're cheap
enough, and fast.  Program the radio to be a Web server and you get
super-fancy multifunction client programs for all computing platforms,
and most of your users already have it installed today.

73  -Paul