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Re: fieldday on satellite... ?

At 08:21 PM 6/9/98 +0200, Reyners wrote:

>Hello to all the satellite users.
>My name is Dirk ON1DLL
>In this newsgroup (and in ANS) i sometimes read there is a fieldday on the
>I'm interrested to take part on a fieldday via satellite but i don't know
>when it is or where i should sign
>to join it. (and maybe the rules of it).
>If anybody knows when the next fieldday should be, please let me know.
>Another question... but i guess it's not known yet: when should we expect
>the launch of the P3D satellite?
>I'm really thrilled to work this bird cause AO-10 downlink signals are not
>to well on this side.
>73 de Dirk ON1DLL
>I'm on all the satellites.

Field Day is sponsored by the ARRL.  It is an emergency preparedness
exercise in the form of a contest.  Field Day is held on the fourth full
weekend in June (27 and 28 this year).  Amsat also sponsors it's own
version of Field Day with slightly different rules to run concurrently with
the ARRL event.

The competition is limited to stations in the US and Canada, but DX
stations are invited to participate by making contacts (believe me, DX
contacts DO help).  On voice the exchange would be QTH and a signal report.
 On the digital satellites, you would upload ONE message address to ALL
with the title FIELD DAY GREETINGS.  Include a short greetings message with
your location and number of operators participating.

More information can be found at http://www.arrl.org and http://www.amsat.org

73 de Roger Snyder, K4RS            
Internet: k4rs@m8.sprynet.com
AX.25 packet: K4RS @ N4XEO.#FTP.FL.USA.NOAM
Satellite: K4RS @ KO-23 or KO-25