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Re: RS-12 operations

Good point Ted, I hadn't thought of that! I've tried the 15m Robot, but 
it's not working, but I do remember HEARING other stations trying to 
work it. I guess I never thought of it since it's not it's intended 
purpose, but maybe we should find out if anyone would care if we do it, 
and try to encourage some Novice/Techs by working them thru it! Anyone 
know how to consult the RS-12 ground station gurus to know if this 
practice would cause ill effects to the satellite or other ops, or would 
it be permissible....


>Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 12:15:34 -1000
>To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.org
>From: ted@hawaii.edu (ted)
>Subject: Re: RS-12 operations
>A quick addenda -
>RS12 is the only satellite available to a US Novice Class operator,
>It is possible to send CW in the US Novice 15M band to the RS12 Robot. 
>will be received by the robot and a reply may arrive :-) However, The 
>WILL also be sent down on the 10M Robot downlink when the Robot is not
>responding. It is therefore possible to have a QSO.  (unlikely, 
>but possible!)
>When RS12 was in KT and I hadn't upgraded to Advanced, (not all that 
>ago) I was able to send CW up on 15 and down on the robot 2M downlink. 
>was not a great signal, and not all dits and dahs made it, but with 
>practice and diligence, it should be possible.
>Mode A is easier though :-)
>Sorry, the frequencies are not on the tip of my tongue and the 
>Experimenters book has been loaned out... 21.180? 29.454?
>Aloha - ted - nh6yk

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