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Re: FT847 "stby" connector? What are you using?

> Unpacked FT847 and was horrified to see that they provide *no* connectors
> to mate with the various mini-DIN-style (and as far as I can tell absolutely
> proprietary pattern) connectors. I need to get the "stby" signals out to
> an external connector to drive an amp for this weekend's contest. A call
> to the local dealer resulted in "haven't seen those yet".

Give us a call at The R. F. Connection.  We carry each of the types 
of mini-din connectors required on the 847 and will be happy to help 
you out.


Jeff Embry, WI2T
The R. F. Connection
(800)783-2666, Tech Line (301)840-5477, Fax (301)869-3680
Web Page:  http://www.therfc.com/