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Re: VK5MIR over Australia (Publicity) - unclassified

Hi Peter,

Very well done indeed !  I just heard (at abt 6:35 am local) your story and
recording on the ABC radio morning news program.  They gave your story a
real fair go with what seemed like 8 - 10 mins of prime air time after the
news, and the announcer's genuine interest was obvious. Well done also on
the plug for amateur satellites, and amateur clubs in general. I liked your
description of the term "amateur" only referring to the amount of fun we have !

BTW I had no idea the ACT (almost) missed out on all the fun - we did pretty
well in VK6, since the passes mainly came up over the SW first - for once on
vhf an advantage to living in the Far West !

Good work and thanks for the superb positive exposure - hope to see
something on National TV news tonight !

Chris vk6bik
ps: my son is in the RAN also having just passed out of the ADFA

At 10:57 9/06/98 +1000, you wrote:
>I created something of a media story here in Canberra (VK1) after I talked
>to Andy VK5MIR on saturday morning at about 5.40am local (UTC-10) --
>1938-1947UTC 05JUN98.
>Andy said I was the first VK1 he'd talked to. I decided to see whether
>Amateur Radio could make a story on a slow-news long-weekend and made up a
>news release and sent it to several radio, TV, and print outlets. Nothing
>happened on Sunday, except for putting the tape of the conversation on the
>local Amateur Radio club weekly broadcast (pm Sunday).
>Then in quick succession, on the public holiday Monday:
>- I was interviewed by the local station of the national broadcast network
>(Station 2CN 666am, ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
>http://www.abc.net.au/2cn for 5 minutes just before their 9am news
>(including a play over the phone of some of my taped conversation with
>- I was contacted by the Canberra Times http://www.canberratimes.com.au/
>for an article and photo. (See their site. It's on the rigth frame of the
>site's 'front page'. The article was Page 1, and ABOVE the fold!
>- As a result of that, this morning, a local commercial radio station MIX
>106.3FM did an interview for about 3 minutes leading off after the 7am
>news. I managed to get a mention in of the AMSAT web site, so it might get
>a few hits today as a result...
>Late news: I've been called for a TV interview with a local commercial
>station for the evening news!
>So, the lesson is to have a quirky news story on a slow news day and put
>out a release. Amateur Radio got some good publicity, which I am glad for.
>That was the point.
>I already have the story up on my web page:
>VK1KEP:   http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/5796/vk1kep.htm
>And... Thanks, Andy, for a great conversation.
>Godonya, mate.
>(Decode of Aussie-speak: Good on you, mate == Thanks, friend.)
>     _  .      Peter R. Ellis, Amateur Radio Op. VK1KEP
>   _-' |_|\         at Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
>  /        \        email: peter.ellis@dao.defence.gov.au
>  \_.--._ C/        Director,
>         \/         RNARS Australia #1528 (see also http://come.to/rnars/)
>          v         Custodian for club station VK1RAN
>VK1KEP:   http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/5796/vk1kep.htm
>Mine:          http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/5796/pre-pers.htm