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Re: RS-12 operations

A quick addenda -

RS12 is the only satellite available to a US Novice Class operator,

It is possible to send CW in the US Novice 15M band to the RS12 Robot. This
will be received by the robot and a reply may arrive :-) However, The CW
WILL also be sent down on the 10M Robot downlink when the Robot is not
responding. It is therefore possible to have a QSO.  (unlikely, perhaps,
but possible!)

When RS12 was in KT and I hadn't upgraded to Advanced, (not all that long
ago) I was able to send CW up on 15 and down on the robot 2M downlink. It
was not a great signal, and not all dits and dahs made it, but with some
practice and diligence, it should be possible.

Mode A is easier though :-)

Sorry, the frequencies are not on the tip of my tongue and the Satellite
Experimenters book has been loaned out... 21.180? 29.454?

Aloha - ted - nh6yk

>I only work RS-12, so here are my thoughts to the newcomers wanting some
>information on satellites.
>            uplink            downlink
>MODE K   21.210- 21.250    29.410- 29.450
>MODE A  145.910-145.950    29.410- 29.450
>MODE T   21.210- 21.250   145.910-145.950
>MODE KA  modes K&A at same time
>MODE KT  modes K&T at same time
>Mode A requires a technician or higher class license.
>MODE K & T requires an extra class license for 21.210-21.225 (usually
>the CW signals) and an advanced class license for 21.225-21.250
>A General class licensee may not transmit in the 15m uplink.
>Upgrading your license is beneficial, as the 15m uplink is often clearer
>and stronger, due to HF equipment having a greater output than average
>2m SSB/CW rigs, antennas being equal. And 15m allows the possiblity of
>working the satellite below the horizon.
>RS-12 is a fun bird, and a great one to try for newcomers. You can even
>hook up a code key to the PTT of your 2m FM rig to try it out (although
>I wouldn't stay with that setup for long.) This is because an
>unmodulated FM signal is in effect a CW carrier, but FM rigs do not have
>the flexible tuning of an SSB/CW rig.
>For more on how to operate RS-12 and over the horizon QSOs check out pp
>85-86 of the August 95 issue of QST. Check your local library or a ham
>As far as equipment, MODE K a good HF rig setup will do, provided it has
>independent tuning of each band (when you switch back and forth between
>15 & 10 the tuning stays where you left it) or you have a second
>receiver. For mode A, any 2m all mode rig will do, but I recommend
>either a beam or an amp to get a good uplink signal. I have used 25
>watts and a dipole, but I could only be heard in the middle of the pass,
>and not at all on the low passes.
>For more information on satellites, I got a copy of the Satellite
>Anthology book from ARRL for $12. It gave me good background on
>satellites and I use it often as a resource material. Good luck, and I
>hope you give the birds a try... and if you need ARK for your Satellite
>WAS, give me a call, I'll be happy to work you!
>73 es GL,
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