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FT847 "stby" connector? What are you using?

Unpacked FT847 and was horrified to see that they provide *no* connectors
to mate with the various mini-DIN-style (and as far as I can tell absolutely
proprietary pattern) connectors. I need to get the "stby" signals out to
an external connector to drive an amp for this weekend's contest. A call
to the local dealer resulted in "haven't seen those yet".

I'm beginning to believe that Yaesu really does have rocks between the ears.

PS My JA friend tells me that recent production FT847 can indeed read
vfo settings thru the CAT port; I have not tried it but supposedly my
unit's serial number (8G052xxx) is so-equipped). This is supposed to be
a later firmware version (remember the VX-1R firmware version fiasco???)

73 Dave WB0GAZ dgf@netcom.com

... and poop to yaesu on this connector problem ...